Work Projects

EOS W20 Range

EOS W20 Range that was designed and developed by me whilst working at Urban Shoemakers as the brand and Footwear developer of EOS. Whilst still trying to remain commercial enough to sell throughout a wholesaling company – there are certain elements of design that was used carefully to create such a commercial, yet individual collection.


This Woman’s Capsule Collection was designed and chosen to be put into production by the brand. The collection was then promoted and shown at the 2018 Shanghai Fashion Week.


This footwear collection was chosen as Best Design for 2016 by H&M Head of Accessories.


This Woman’s Footwear Capsule Collection was chosen to be presented to the Head of Footwear Design in the Max Mara HQ in Reggio Emilia.


Finalist award for Men’s Capsule Collection inspired by the combination of old and new and the mix of materials and textures.